Green Waterfront Home

This home with its wrap around front porch, cedar shakes and stone fireplace harkens back to Connecticut’s seafaring heritage. We built it on a rock Peninsula that juts into a small inlet off Long Island Sound in Old Greenwich. The homeowner enjoys water views on three sides.

Note the huge oak trees that surround the home. Based on the original design plans an arborist advised removal of these trees. We saw them as an integral part of the character of this home. They had to stay. And that presented new challenges to address.

We took exceptional care to protect the oaks as we removed large amounts of ledge rock to provide for a full basement. And we made changes to the foundation plans by cantilevering part of the structure in an effort to save the tree roots from damage. The oak trees continue to thrive many years after this project was completed. They’ve added priceless beauty and value to this cozy waterfront home.

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