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P&H Construction takes pride in our subcontractors. They are specialists in their trade, whether it’s carpentry, historic restoration, masonry, or even swimming pool construction, and it is their expertise that makes our project team complete. No architect, engineer, or builder can ever know everything there is to know about every trade. Our subcontractors are an invaluable source of information, so we make it a point to listen closely to their advice and ideas.

When choosing our subcontractors we must evaluate many things: Do they provide fair and consistent pricing in accurate and complete bids? What is the level of their expertise? Do they employ competent workers and have enough manpower and the necessary equipment for the job? Will they be available at the particular time that their trade is required on a given project? Do they appreciate the importance of a schedule and will they work as a team to achieve it? Do they have a reputation for excellence throughout Fairfield, New Haven and Westchester counties?

It goes without saying that each subcontractor must provide proper insurance and be licensed or registered as required by law. For certain projects they may have to be capable of providing payment and performance bonds for their work. In addition to these important items, we look for subcontractors who work well with our customers and design professionals, and who are creative in coming up with solutions to any problems that may arise during construction.

Our subcontractors are also a valuable resource during the preconstruction phases of a project establishing preliminary budgets, identifying potential cost saving ideas, uncovering possible construction sequence issues and coordination problems with other trades, and to search for possible code compliance concerns. By utilizing their hands-on-knowledge of their trade they work with us to assure the success of our projects before the construction begins.

There are all types and sizes of subcontractors: A one man company may be perfect for a particular trade on one project, while another job may require large crews to complete the work on time. Our expertise is fitting the right subcontractor to the job.

We are proud of our subcontractors and enjoy managing the process of building that we all take pride in.

We are proud of our subcontractors and enjoy managing the process of building that we all take pride in. If you are a subcontractor and would like to inquire about becoming part of the P&H team, please contact us at 203-853-0400 or use our subcontractor application form here Thanks!

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